Smart TV friendly websites controlled from your Smartphone

ShareSmartTV is a 100% virtual platform for instantly creating remote control websites and it is focused on Smart TV friendly websites and improves the user experience on websites with multimedia content. You just simply need to open the website from the browser of your Smart TV, Desktop Computer or Laptop; next you open the web controls from your Smartphone or Tablet and behold!, instantly you have a virtual remote control.

The synchronization it’s simple, you insert the URL then your smart TV and smartphone will automatically connect through the Wi-Fi signal. It’s easy, fun and without any type of installation or token.

Ideal for industries such as TV Channels, Movies, Music, Games, News, Video Rentals, 360 Video, Mobile, General Retails, Tourism, E-commerce, Marketing, and others. Offers a new way to use the internet.

Coming soon

We are building a new Internet, ShareSmartTV will here coming soon...

About Us

About founder: Claudio Garaycochea, passionate about creativity and innovation with more than 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship. He preformed works for several companies as Startups USA (Silicon Valley), Spain and Argentina.